Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Micah Day!

"It's my birthday!"

They donned their festive wear again and we've been celebrating at home today!

I resolved to make slideshows for the kids this year. AJ's was one song in length. Micah had four years to catch up so his was a bit longer! Still only two songs, but it took a lot of whittling to get down to that!

No matter. The person I *really* made it for loved it. :)

We spent most of the day being lazy and letting Micah watch a lot of his favorite Blue's Clues.

But when Daddy got home we had our promised festivities of chili dogs for dinner and cake pops and ice cream for dessert!

He was ready for cake pops!

Iiiiii'llll taaaaake THIS one!

My kids are fans of cake pops, suffice it to say.

Annika is going to think birthdays are always three times in a month.

What?!? No BIRTHDAY next week? But where will I get my ice cream?!?

We will beg someone into sugaring us up. Who can resist these eyes?

At his special dinner he said, "Thank you EVERYONE for my birthday!" :)

Happy birthday to my special little Micah! I sure hope you felt the love today, little man!


  1. Love these video's 1 proud Poppy.

  2. Candi,
    I just now had a chance to watch this. Thank you for being such a wonderful mom! I am so proud to say that you are my daughter and Jesse is my son.
    This blog is so precious!!!!
    Micah is a joy to me. I appreciate you letting us come and watch them now and then. It sure helps me when I get to see them.
    Thank you for the effort you put into trying to encorporate us into their lives.

    I love you and Jesse and of course Micah and AJ
    Love Mom

  3. Love, love the birthday video's and your blog. Proud to say you and Jesse are great parents and are doing outstanding job raising Micah and AJ ....They will remember everything they have learned when they grow up and do the same for their kids.. Yeah, that will be you are grandparents and us great.. LOL but that's ok. They both have brought so much joy into our lives and are looking forward to watching many videos and reading your blogs. I love and cherish he one because I know they come from your heart. I am proud to have you both for my kids. Love you both, Micah and AJ too. Mom V.


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