Friday, December 2, 2016

Fluffy Blog Posts

Just so y'all know, I have nothing of real substance to offer. I just feel like writing.

It's Christmas time! It's also cold here. Cold-ish. Chilly and not hot. I'll take it. I can wear scarves! Boots! Plaids! I'm slightly bummed by the cliches that surround all of the fall love lately, though. It's kind-of a buzzkill, no? All of the you're-such-a-basic-white-girl-I'm-sure-you-must-drink-PSL-and-wear-a-top-knot-messy-bun. I sometimes wish we could embrace fun customs without making them a joke every single time. Anyone else feel me? I will drink my coffee and adore my fall leaves and rock my boots and sweaters and plaids all I want - even if you make it a cliche, thankyouverymuch. So there, internet. So. There.

In other unimportant happenings of late, I've recently become fixated on the amassing of a digital movie collection. I'm so weary of the VHS>DVD>Blu-Ray>3D>4KHD constant need to upgrade your movies or have nothing on which to play them. Black Friday found me combing specials for nice additions to our fledgling collection -- movies we love that come on DVD and/or Blu-Ray WITH digital copy, specifically iTunes. I hope this isn't a mistake. I hope digital movies don't become inaccessible. I hope I don't hate myself for this later. 

On this mission, I have observed a few things.

- Disney movies with digital copy do not go on sale all that much. I mean they kinda do - like three titles rotated through all of the ads on Black Friday and the following weekend. We grabbed Finding Dory. But overall, Dreamworks rules the discount movie circuit.

- With the impending move toward digital movie collections, phones and tablets are going to need to come with more memory in even the more basic smartphone options for those downloads saved for offline viewing. Borrrring, Candi. But it's true. *affectionate glance toward 128gb iPhone*

Next subject! Thanksgiving was what I would call a low-key riot. We spent the whole day waiting for the arrival of a new princessy niece of mine! She kept teasing us, making us all think she was coming so soon, then getting comfy again. I'm sure this was certainly harder on those of us in the waiting room perfecting the mannequin challenge than it was on baby's mother who was doing the actual work. Certainly. :-P

At one point the nurses and a lone security guard were watching our rowdy fam play a pretty entertaining round of Heads Up (or some similar iPhone charades game). They said we also did some singing in the waiting room but I'm sure that didn't actually happen. Ahem.

It was absolutely a Thanksgiving we will never forget. Pecan pie served up in the waiting room on the very cheapest of paper plates that we found at one of the few stores that were open. My two youngest kids were such troopers through the day in the waiting room (big brother was with other family at dinner). I'm sure their behavior was helped by the endless spoiling that comes from being stuck in a room with a load of your biggest fans. Hard life, they have.

After this eventful weekend, I found myself in my seat at church Sunday morning next to Joe, who was holding Thor and Iron Man. Waving Thor, Joe spoke for Thor, presumably to Iron Man, "Hey dude, what are you thankful for?"

Well. Iron Man is a smart-alec and didn't say much, but we're thankful for new babies, memorable holidays, people who put relationships above all else, and of course... digital movie collections.