Friday, July 29, 2011


I trimmed my bangs today. They were super overgrown and I'd resorted to pulling them back all the time. But, like always, my square-ish forehead was a little too visible and I needed my bangs back to balance it out with my wide cheekbones.

Micah said, "Wow, you look BEAUTIFUL, Mama!"

Annika frowned hard at me and looked taken aback for all of fifteen seconds.

It was hardest on Mocha (our little porkachi puppy). She bounced around snarling a little and barking, backing away from me as if I had suddenly morphed into an entirely different person, but strangely sounded and acted the same. It was almost too much for her. :)

I am currently waiting for paint to dry on a little de-stresser project. (Definition: A craft project that is entirely unnecessary and protentially ridiculous, but accomplishes the objective of chilling me out after a long, crazy day)

I am using the ice cream bucket from the kids' birthday party last weekend to make a bucket for Micah's cars. Really, it's entirely useable as is, but I wanted to jazz it up and make it look awesome. Pinterest worthy, if you will.

Basically it's just Mod Podge and paint. But I love the cutesy little custom things for toy storage. The kids think it's so special when Mom makes them something!


This^ was our lunch today. Inside out grilled cheeseburgers! :)

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and I didn't realize we were out of conventional bread until I was already prepping the pan and ingredients for grilled cheese. We made do and the kids loved our creative twist on a lunch staple.

Random tidbit: I had forgotten how much I love Katharine McPhee. Consider yourself remembered, Kat (and please go back to brunette!).

Also, in the realm of tidbits. While playing with self-portraiture today I found myself appalled by how much the selective framing of this photo (and maybe the striped shirt) makes me look like a GUY. And look at my goofy smile, so unsuspecting. Would I at least be a pretty guy?



  1. It was alot of fun and I could tell that the kids enjoyed themselves.

  2. Testing! I love ya! You're gorgeous!


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