Monday, August 19, 2013

Moving and Changing

I'm sinking into my husband's video gaming chair (which is actually just a lawn chair) and waiting for the long silences that signal that the children have fallen asleep. JJ is softly snoring in the crib near me and Micah and AJ are listening to stories on an old tape player and CD player respectively.

Today we had the luxury of Daddy coming home between work and work. Mondays used to be his late day. He'd leave by eight or nine, usually, and come home between nine and eleven. Since our recent move, work is close enough that his one late task doesn't necessitate that he be gone all evening. Now he comes home for dinner and the typical evening rituals and dashes back to work for a brief moment before coming home to go to bed.

This move has been so fantastic for us. There's the obvious fact that I was dying to get out of the country (I know -- there will be no Hallmark Channel movies based upon my life, apparently), then the lovely blessings that just make life a million times easier for a mom of young children. More immediate access to... everything. Parks every few miles. Shorter commute to work and church, therefore lessened gas expense.

Our lovely little backyard is home to at least one bird's nest that we know of, and the bird bath in the middle of the yard predates our move here, so we have lots of flying guests in and out of the yard all day, feasting on our apparent abundance of earthworms. A glass jar for a growing feather collection sits in our dining area. So far our specimens appear to be blue jay and sparrow. But we've seen robins, so we're holding out for a real, vibrant robin feather.

Neighbors on three sides of us are grandparents. My social (chatterbox) Micah is absolutely in Heaven! It's been a great learning experience on the proper addressing of adults. A favorite moment was when he burst through the back door to report, "Mom! I met our neighbors! And they're reeeeeaaaaally nice. And I showed 'em my karate moves. And they were very impressed!" His story held up - they were really nice. I hope their days of peacefully relaxing on their back porch aren't behind them. We'll work on it. ;)

The other two sets of neighbors offered welcome gifts in the form of homemade spice cake and garden fresh okra. Both of which have been duly "accepted" with gratitude and the licking of lips.

I'm going to try to blog here more often, if the internet is ready for intermittent verbal vomit sprinkled with passion and sincerity, with just a little snark. Just a teensy. :)

See you soon.

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