Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Four-Year-Old Q&A

I thought up a list of random questions to ask Micah tonight, and thought it would be fun to record his answers as a four-year-old. I've seen this done before and it's fun to have to read later! I'd love suggestions for additional questions. I'd like to add to it. He seemed to enjoy it and I love hearing his perspective at this age. It's a lot of fun!

What's your name? Micah

Who gave you your name? You (Mommy)

Do you like it? Yes.

If you had to pick a new name, what would it be? I just like my real name.

How old are you? Four

Do you know your birthday? Yes (What is it?) August. (August what?) August, eftember...

What is your favorite color? Llellow (yellow).

Why is that your favorite? Because it's just gold.

Who are your parents, what are their names? Mom and Dad and AJ. (Is AJ your parent?) Well, AJ's my sister, and you and Dad are my parents.

What is your favorite thing to do at home? Play-doh!

What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play in da snow and draw wif da snow bottle and other thangs that I had at our old house.

Do you have a favorite chore or job that you do at home? Hmmm... I like a job like building when I grow up. (Do you have a job you like at home?) Well, sometimes I like building a house for new parents. (For new parents? Why?) Because! That's my favorite thing to do! (Do you not want me and Daddy anymore?) Well, I want you and Daddy still (at this point he reassuringly grabbed my face in his hands), I'm just making it for parents that are new. (Like people who just get a baby?) Yeah! So that's all I like to do. Oh, and crafts. And games.

Are you big or little? Bi... li... little? *belch* I like to burp. (What are you supposed to say?) *giggle* Excuse me!

Do you have brothers or sisters? I have one sister, but I wanted two... I wanted another brother and another sister.

Do you have enough brothers and sisters or do you want more? I want more.

Do you have a pet? Yeah, her name's Mocha. I like to hold Mocha.

Is your pet big or little? Liddow! Just *that* little. This little (holding his thumb and forefinger to show me). She's a little big. Mama, Mocha likes to jump in circles, and she likes to jump really high!

Do you have friends? Hmmm... Gabby and Jessica and Christopher. That's all, but Gabby's friend is Cole and Emilie. (What about at church, do you have friends at church?) Sami and Adam, but Lexi's my girlfriend.

Who is your best friend? Gabby?

Do you like to sing or dance? I like to sing AND dance!

Which one do you like better? Sing AND dance! (You don't like one better?) No. I like two better.

Why? Because! They're my favorite! Like this! (walking around singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) And like this! (dancing) This is how I dance!

Do you like things to be clean or messy? Clean! Sometimes AJ makes messes wif my toys. That's what she does. And I don't like it when AJ makes messes with my toys.

Why? Because. Because I like startin' to pick up my toys. (Is it so you can have room to play?) Yeah! And why do you poop in your diaper, AJ?

Do you have a favorite animal? Yeah. Dogs. And cats. Cats go MEOW!!! And cats also go *scratch* like this, SCRATCH, SCRATCH!

What is your favorite place to go? The zoo and the park aaaand the store. And also, the popsicle place. (What's the popsicle place?) Sometimes I like going to The Groovy Smoothie. That's from The Fresh Beat Band.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Hmm, a builder.

How old are you when you're grown up? Hmm, five. (Really?) Mhmm. Cuz every day I turn five. (Every day? So when will you be five?) Well... when I have my next birthday. (And that's when you're going to be a builder?) Yeah. So that's all I like. Can I finish my show now?

What's your favorite food? Hmm. Pickles. (Huh-uh) That's really what I like. I really like chicken noodle soup. (What else?) Cheese! Cheese sticks, too!

What do you like to drink? Milk. (Just milk?) Milk and juice and water.

Are you in school yet? Hmm, yeah. (What do you do at school?) Like... trace thangs. (What else?) Write my letters! Like *sings alphabet*.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, that's too funny. Micah uses such big words for one his age but is so honest with his answers. Absolutely love your blog each one you do on the kids and others too. Made me and dad laugh with his answers.


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